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Wooden Signs

We all have a style, right? What is yours? Are you looking for Rustic, Farmhouse, Victorian, Casual, Elegant, Beach, Barn, Fishing, Cabin, Lodge, Minimalist- well you get the point.  Everyone has a unique and different style and we are going to feature as many different things as we can to help you decorate your home the way you want.  The options are limitless and if you are looking for something particular and can't find it anywhere- let us know, we love a good treasure hunt and would be happy to curate special items for you.

Bottom line- it is your home, decorate it the way you want and it doesn't have to be just like anyone else's home.  You do You and we are here to help you- pinkie promise, it will look amazing.

We can get any sign Kendrick Home carries, so if you don't see something, just ask and we will get it for you. As well, if we don't have a size listed, just ask.

The holiday signs we are listing will be in the following sizes:

4x4, 8x8, 12x12, 16x16 and 18x18. This is in "inches", so 4 inches by 4 inches and so forth. 

Our current turn around time is approximately 7-14 business days to cut and process your order.  All orders are shipped directly from Kendrick and will have a tracking number we will provide once the sign has shipped. SHOP AND PLAN EARLY FOR ALL SIGNS AS THE CLOSER WE GET TO THE HOLIDAYS, WE WILL HAVE TO CUT OFF SHIPPING AND RESUME AFTER THE NEW YEAR.