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Angels Among Us

We believe there are angels among us and these little cuties are just the perfect touch for everyday decoration or spice them up for seasonal hints of joy and peace all thru your home decor. Leave them as they are or tuck them into some garland with twinkle lights, add them next to lanterns, put them in the bathroom, on a shelf of mantel, in a window or on an entry table- you decide, but we are sure you will agree they are a perfect addition. 

They come in 6 sizes overall and we have them grouped in sets of three for ease in selection. We can customize colors or sets if you would rather have a different color to match your home or office decor. Just mwssage us at cali@caliraes.com or hit our CHAT button on the home page. 

The Angels are available in sizes of 10", 9', 8', 7', 6' or 5". The sets we have put together are 10, 9, 8 as a taller set and the smaller set is 7, 6 and 5.

Photos are to show inspiration in the combinations of mixing and matching. These are not to imply a whole set. They are showing the various sizes and combinations and how they might look in your home.