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Painting Party

Let's paint!!! So glad you are here and can't wait to paint with you and your friends.

Get started with choosing how many friends, a date, a location and the time for your party. You know, basic party planning 101. For smaller parties allowing 2 hours is typical, but you know your friends. Larger parties need 3 to 3.5 hours from start to finish because there is a lot more distraction happening all at once. We work to keep people focused, but hey, it is a party, so we get it. 

Pick a theme for the party and we will help guide you to pieces that would be a fun fit.

We will set up an order area for your friends to come to our website and place their orders. All orders must be paid for prior to the party. We do not accept cancellations as these pieces are cut specifically for your party.  We will be happy to work with you on a re-scheduled date or provide the pieces for any guests that are unable to attend at the last minute.

Larger parties do require more space than expected, so let's chat about your location prior to confirmation.  Smaller parties are generally ok in a dining room, kitchen, garage, on a patio, meeting room or conference room- each person needs a space in front of them to paint and allowance for supplies within reach.  We will provide Kraft paper to cover the work areas, you need to provide tables and chairs for each guest.  

Snacks and beverages are encouraged, but best kept in a serving area if possible. Adult beverages are also fine to serve, it does tend to slow the painting time down as the focus tends to roam. But hey, we are happy to help keep things on track.  

We will provide all the wood pieces, paint and supplies to finish the pieces at the party. 

MESSAGE US AT for more information on paint parties. 


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