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CaliRae's Front Porch Marketplace

Welcome to CaliRae's Front Porch! Have a seat and swing awhile...this is your time. Finally got the kids to bed or down for a nap? Housework done, bills paid, pets are happy, all tiny humans have been fed...turn on some soothing music, find your favorite place to sit, snuggle up and let's go! Remember years ago when catalogs arrived in the mail and you couldn't wait to flip through them page by page, turn down the corners on your faves, ooo and ahh over all the latest whatever? Well, think of the Front Porch as the place you are looking at all of the catalogs- but they are all right here and you get to scroll, open, ooo and ahh right here. Fashion, jewelry, graphic tees, pets, kids, crafts, diy, hand-crafted, homeschool...all supporting small businesses that want to give you a concert experience while shopping from your happy place.

We provide a way for you to meet some amazing new vendors, steal some deals or discounts, relax and enjoy this worry-free shopping experience. Links on the Front Porch will take you to fun websites, new products, instructional videos, discounts, downloads for free stuff and a way for you to have some valuable "you" time.

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