Welcome Summer!!! Stay cool and shop online with us...


We have so enjoyed making these ornaments for you guys! All of our ornaments are cut on a laser and then hand-painted by us. They are cut and made to order. We do make larger batches for our craft shows, but beyond that they are not mass produced. They were received so well at our recent vendor shows and they are now available here- so have fun picking gifts, new favorites and share this with your friends of course. 

There are perfect for stocking tags, gift tags, ornaments on the tree of course or just hang them anywhere you need to jazz up a little with some Christmas spirit.


Happy Note: SOLD OUT does not mean gone forever...it just means we get to cut and paint more. If something shows sold out and you really want it, just give us a "hey girl hey" shoutout on email at cali@caliraes.com and let us know what you need. We will get an order started for you right away. We don't want to leave anyone hanging on a sold out ornament- I mean it's what we do! Ornaments!!!